Our Services

  • Hormone estimations
  • Serum Electrophoresis
  • Automatic culture
  • Tumour markers
  • Hb A1C by HPLC method
  • CoVID 19 Testing by RT PCR

Hormone estimations

We have the most modern machinery for hormone estimations

 Thyroid hormone studies on a daily basis including free hormone studies, and can provide
the reports in three hours compared to many of the leading laboratories in Palakkad who outsource
these tests
All Thyroid auto antibodies also done routinely
Other hormones like B-HCG, Prolactin, FSH,LH, estradiol, Cortisol, Testosterone,Cortisol etc also
are assayed on a routine basis

Serum Electrophoresis

 Fully automated serum electrophoresis machine which is highly reliable in diagnosing

multiple myeloma

Ours is the only laboratory equipped with this service in Palakkad town


ANA Profile is also done on a daily basis

Automatic culture

Most advanced VITEK system is used for culture and organisms can be identified in 12 hours 

Sensitivity can be given fast and it helps in rapid identification and management of infections

In addition it helps in identification of resistant strains includingMRSA and ELBS strains

Automatic culture facilitates early ,rapid and accurate identification of the pathogen with more

accurate sensitivity studies

Only stand alone laboratory in Palakkad to provide this facility

Tumour markers

Tumour markers have revolutionised the screening for malignancies in clinical practice

 Facilities available to estimate 




CA19.9`( for screening Pancreatic malignancy)

and many other useful markers which may be a pointer to cancer    

Hb A1C by HPLC method

Hb A1c, as all of you are aware provide a measure of the average concentration of blood sugar

during the preceding 3 months and provide a reliable data about your diabetic control

We use the D10 Biorad machine which uses HPLC ,  the gold standard in estimation of HbA1c


From the day we started in 1999 ,Dane Diagnostics conduct   Histopathology  (BIOPSY)  and FNAC(Fine needle aspiration biopsy) and PAP smears for cancer screening and diagnosis


Both Dr Sushama and Dr Gowri has more than twenty years of experience in this


We are the only laboratory doing this in Palakkad ,where all others collect and send samples to different cities

Results are usually provided in one week


Fetal autopsy is also routinely done


Dane diagnostics is introducing Real time PCR for common infections

Dane is one of the very few laboratories having NABL accreditation for RT PCR and we are approved for for RT PCR for CoVID19 virus,one among 6 laboratories in Kerala.We are involved in the fight against this killer disease



we will have the Meningitis Panel,Respiratory Panel,and tests for individual agents like Dengue virus,HIV,Leptospirosis,Typhus fever etc 


We will have a turnaround time of 4 hours after receiving the specimen

We are the first to introduce this in Palakkad




For the first time in the district we will provide the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases by immunoflurescence ,thus establishing another milestone in our diagnostic range 

CoVID 19 Testing by RT PCR

We are the only approved laboratory for CoVID19 testing by Conventional RT PCR. (OPEN SYSTEM) 


Approved as an agency for testing travellers to Gulf Countries


We do CoVID testing everyday except sunday and results will be provided in 24 hours